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The 10 year challenge.

Is there more to the Facebook 10 Year Challenge?

You may have seen your friends share the results of a Facebook challenge which went viral, in which users post a photo from 10...
wo of Ballymena’s best loved characters, Bertie and Bella, are making a welcome return to the town for this year’s festive season as they once again star in Ballymena BID’s Christmas advert.

Bear with us as Ballymena gets festive with best loved characters

Two of Ballymena’s best loved characters are making a welcome return to the town for Christmas. Bertie first made an appearance in 2015 and was...
Cheeky dog laps up a pint.

Belfast boozer: cheeky dog laps up a pint at the Errigle

Dog gone it! A cheeky dog was caught lapping up a pint of beer outside the Errigle Inn in Belfast. The perfect moment was captured...

Mumsnet AIBU: to think their father fed them badger?

Just when the AIBU posts on Mumsnet can’t get any more ludicrous, one woman has raised concerns about how her children’s father has seemingly...
Dear David compilation.

‘Dear David’ saga to be turned into horror movie

This time last year, the internet was spooked by the Dear David saga. https://twitter.com/moby_dickhead/status/996599891706220544   'Dear David' began when former BuzzFeed writer Adam Ellis, unfolded a spooky...
Unilad survives after rescue deal.

Ladbible rescues Unilad in deal after it entered administration

Viral online news magazine Unilad has been bought by its nearest rival Ladbible after it went into administration earlier this month. After weeks of uncertainty...
Drop kick dude in a Brazilian supermarket.

Just don’t drop the eggs!

Ever dropped one of your groceries coming out of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, or Iceland? A baguette? A tin of peas? Or a bar of...

Beware of the dog – it’s watching you!

We pity any burglar who creeps up to this house with the intention of breaking in. This dog clearly shows that's he's man's best friend,...

Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s a cat

This cat clearly wants into number 46. They make affectionate and playful pets, but sometimes the mischievousness takes over, as is evident in this viral...
Facebook SOV

50 million Facebook user accounts affected by security breach

Facebook has just revealed that a huge data breach affecting 50 million accounts worldwide has occurred. Attackers managed to exploit a feature that allowed the...

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