A design student from Lisburn will have her work featured on one million limited edition cans of Boost Sugar Free Energy.

Heather Peddle, a 28-year-old HND Graphic Design student at Belfast Metropolitan College ,won a competition organised by leading drinks company Boost to celebrate its 15th year in Northern Ireland.

Heather based her campaign on one of Northern Ireland’s most famous attractions, the Giant’s Causeway, incorporating its iconic hexagonal rock shapes on the can with the accompanying slogan ’15 Years A Giant’.

She believes this is a great stepping stone on the road to a successful career in graphic design.

“I’m absolutely delighted,” said Heather.  “To see an actual design that I have created on store shelves across Northern Ireland is a very gratifying experience, and it confirms that I have made the right decision in my chosen career,” she said.

Heather said she has always wanted to do something in the realms of art and design but only recently realised that graphic design was the field for her.

“Now, to have a live design that people are actually buying, consuming and engaging with is a fantastic head start to my portfolio,” she added.

“Looking forward, when I go to meet with agencies and potential clients, I can show them that I have done this before, and that I can realise an actual design and a campaign.  I’m very excited about what opportunities this could bring for me…very excited!”

Heather said as soon as she received the brief, in order to appeal to Northern Ireland customers, she thought about the Giant’s Causeway.

“As such a famous landmark in Northern Ireland, I was a little worried that others might use the idea but I was very happy that my ’15 Years A Giant’ hashtag and slogan would set my campaign apart from other designs. Thankfully I was right!” she added.

Boost Energy Consumer Marketing Manager Francine Matthews said this is a major milestone year for Boost in Northern Ireland.

“We had an amazing response, but we’re delighted to reveal Heather as our winner.  We loved her theme and the amazing ideas she put forward to support it. Her design was really inspiring and, most importantly for us, resonated with the NI audience, taking an iconic landmark like the Giant’s Causeway and representing it within the can itself,” she added.

Gareth Stewart, Course Coordinator at Belfast Metropolitan College, said it’s fantastic that students from Northern Ireland are able to get into a competition at this level, particularly where the results are actually going to be shown out in the marketplace.

“There were lots of celebrations when we heard it was won by one of our students and, for Heather, this is an excellent boost for her career.  To have a portfolio with this live piece of work – that resulted in a product going to market – is absolutely fantastic.

“This will probably appear as a centre-point of Heather’s portfolio for many years as she goes to get jobs, so it is incredibly, incredibly important to her,” he added.

Boost Energy was established in 2001 after founder and MD Simon Gray saw the opportunity to offer consumers a great quality energy drink at a fraction of the price of other brands at that time.

Two years later in 2003, Boost Energy was launched in Northern Ireland and now, 15 years later, the company owns the province’s top three selling soft drinks within the independent convenience channel.





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