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Sunday, January 20, 2019

‘Travelling’ young people reminded to stay on the right side of the law – police

Police are repeating their warnings to young people who are travelling to areas of Newtownabbey and persistently causing distress to residents.

They are asking youths to be mindful of local people and what is considered acceptable behaviour, especially legally.

“Most of the youths we encounter are polite and amiable. Unfortunately, though, there are a few who are intent on spoiling it for everyone else.

“Last summer we had youths coming from North Belfast into Glengormley, and recently we’ve seen some coming from Carrick to Loughshore. Unfortunately, some of these youths have behaved in a manner that has caused local residents to call police,” said a spokesperson.

Police say behaving in an aggressive manner towards members of the public could see a young person being convicted of assault.

“Shouting and swearing? That’s disorderly behaviour.

“Throwing objects at passing vehicles? Attempted criminal damage, causing a danger to road users, the list goes on.

“A conviction for a criminal offence can limit your future, including study and job prospects,” said the police spokesperson

And the police are reminding young people that a conviction will prevent them from entering certain countries, like Australia or the USA.

“Want to work in a care or teaching capacity? Not with an assault conviction,” added the police spokesperson.


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